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This group is for fans/creators/users of UTAUloids and fanmade vocaloids.

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a group for sharing some utau or fan-vocaloid related art
Founded 5 Years ago
Apr 27, 2010


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1,655 Members
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Hi Everyone! As you could tell from the title, I'm looking for 67 utau's (Technically 64 Utau's Since I have 2 Utau's of my own) for my very first song melody. So if you interested, come on down and apply for my song melody!
   -All Utau's must be CV since I have little experience with VCV Utau's :( Sorry...
   -You Must have an Art piece of you Utau, I don't care if its transparent or not.
   -I'm accepting up to 3 Utau's per person
   -Also I know this is gonna sound crazy but, please make sure the download links of your Utau's are from, dropbox, or (This is because I had problems with other file sharing websites like 4Shared)
   Utau's Name:
   Utau's Art:
   Flags: (Optional)
   Song Part:
   Download link:

1. -Hito Riaru- Yuuhi Saka (Gnizam-P)

2. -Airi Mina- Servant of Evil (kawaiichibi09)

3. -Daisuke & Kosuke Jonetsune- Unhappy Refrain (FMARocksSoMuch)

4. -Miskyo Satsuriku- World’s End Dancehall (Miskyo-chan)

5. -Makne Nitton- Iroha Uta (xXMewMellowXx)

6. -KaiKai Kim- FREELY TOMORROW (KaiSuki)

7. -Kenneth Wynn- Mr. Music (RukaKurokawa)

8. -Hana Megumi- My Time (AbigailWK)

9. -Miki Sakuranbo- Monochro ∞ Blue Sky (kawaiichibi09)

10. -Yuki Kwon- Torinoko City (FMARocksSoMuch)

11. -Tai Suki- No Logic (Taisuki-kun)

12. -Tesune Rizu- Shinkai Summit (MikuMikuCheetah)

13. -Rue Cross- One of Repetition (UtauRueCross)

14. -Fumio Spere- Heart Rate ♯0822 (RukaKurokawa)

15. -Jikoe- Coward Montblanc (TipsyKitten)

16. -Maira Atateyama- Meltdown (crariss)

17. -Kotone Wakahisa- Ten-Faced (rhgbarbie)

18. -Daichi Kurokage- Two Breaths Walking (SxLizzy)

19. -Utshi Utskii- Saihate (MikuMikuCheetah)

20. -Ao-Q- Nostalogic (JiLL29)  

21. -Seren Polaris- Double Lariat (FragmentedDetective)

22. -Tiffy- Chain Girl (mqytiff)

23. -Hibikino Shouhaya- Matryoshka (JonathanMDful)  

24. -Ki Ki Otone- Life Reset Button (Shadowstar1021/SHASTALOID HQ)

25. -Kinta Aiko- SING&SMILE (MikuMikuCheetah)

26. -Hikari Yume- Hayabusa (kokorohane)

27. -Luna Frost- Tokyo Teddy Bear (Miskyo-chan)

28. -Lisa Shirone- I’m Your Diva (SxLizzy)

29. -Shadow Utanen- Sayonara no Kawari ni, Hanataba wo (Shadowstar1021/SHASTALOID HQ)

30. -Rika.2- Puzzle (TipsyKitten)

31. -Sokaina Rizu- The Snow White Princess is (chibiveggie)

32. -Setsuna Kibatsu- Black★Rock Shooter (Evilangel619)

33. -Tokane Kiia- R-18 (Pupuomena)  

34. -Madi Kasanemu- When the First Love Ends (Evilangel619)

35. -NORiE- StargazeR (Uu-hime)  

36. -Nori Distopia- Kagerou Days (chibiveggie/Capitan-Estelar)  

37. -Shizuka Yami- Dancing☆Samurai (Greenlandic-love)

38. -SoNo- Deep Sea Girl (SombraShadow)

39. -Seisha- Ura-omote Lovers (TipsyKitten)  

40. -Angel Red- Cendrillon (FMARocksSoMuch)

41. -Aika Saeki- Parameter (Aya-Ayami)

42. -Akira Hikari- The Endless Score (Kuku-Klock)

43. -KUBI SHUNE- Paradichlorobenzene (KaiSuki)

44. -Storm Otone- Electric Angel (Shadowstar1021/SHASTALOID HQ)

45. -Dave Okatsune- Senbonzakura (Wolfan-foxD)

46. -Tsuki Kirai- Melancholic (Taisuki-kun)

47. -KAI KIM- Happy Synthesizer (KaiSuki)

48. -Sin-Da- HAKUMEI (yoichi-masaki)

49. -Ryou Wakahisa- Mozaik Role (MisuKishiPie)

50. -Kurushimi Tanoshimi- Soar (Kuku-Klock)

51. -Sin-Ga- Flowers for You, Songs for Me (yoichi-masaki)

52. -Kokone Kara- A Born Coward (SunGuardian)

53. -Tokane Aki- Melt (Pupuomena)

54. -Yami Yume- Fire◎Flower (kokorohane)

55. -Kurayami Hikari- Our 16-Bit Wars (Kuku-Klock)

56. -Karuine Hanaka- The Wanderlast (Part 1) (HanaEve)

57. -Ranku-on Ika- The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -DEAD END- (PlatyBara)

58. -Ryuko Kuraiko Senketsu- Romeo and Cinderella (ToxSoul)

59. -N3MURA ANZU- Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru (xXMewMellowXx)

60. -Rea- Miki Miki ★ Romantic Night (JiLL29)

61. -Hana Akakuno- Luka Luka ★ Night Fever (MinkanArt)

62. -Mandy- World is Mine (MMD Hetalia)


64. -Murphi- Monochroact (TheMikuDancer)

65. -Utako Achika- The Wanderlast (Part 2) (xXMewMellowXx)

66. -Lychee- *Hello, Planet。(Pupuomena)  

67. -Misha Utami- Hajimete no Oto (Aya-Ayami)
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Esther-fan-world Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for accepting my workHeart
ditto-senpai Featured By Owner Edited Feb 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
uauhhh hello ~ I recently made an utau called: キムのJI (also known as JIJI) and it was really hard to voice her but I made it and I would like some  feedback on how it sounds. I've only covered two songs since the other 2 (Yobanashi Decieve and Answer) won't upload. Please check it out. I voiced her and used a robotic oto to insert a robotic kind of sound since it's cooler to listen to. When you do listen to a song, please send me a note as to which song you listened to and you'll be raffled in to get a FREE adoptable ~…

Here is the mediafire link as to where you can listen to the 2 covers:…
DarthChibFangirl Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Um im a new user of utau and i made a cover with a utau mixed it 
and drew a picture for it but im not sure how to create a video and upload it to youtube...Can anyone help?Teto Wave - Small 
honeylen Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
hey can someone help me i need to now how to make a utau deeper without the use of flags because i need it to be loaded up deeper
(1 Reply)
Lumi-Bell Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
I don't know if I can advertise here, if not, please hide the comment ; v ;

I'm looking for two voice provider (Girl and boy)
All the info is here ~>
calthecatboy Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! I'm imjustanmmdcat, and I've made my own UTAU Forum, it's brand new! This forum has been made for ALL UTAU users and fans, we have a friendly, fully-moderated enviroment, where all are welcome! come be one of the first people to post threads here, start discussions, make friends, and have a voice in the UTAU community!
Italy-Chibitalia Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
it would be great if you could put this into your group… I really need people for a UTAU Chorus I'm doing :)
YugureAkas Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student General Artist
i dont know if promoted a contest is allowed here but...
mind to join my contest?:D…

its my first time to hold a contest so i hope everyone mind to join it..>.<
dionn12345678910 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
hi  i  was wondering if anyone can help me? I need a new  model of my furloid zannon. My pc died and now with arising issues new mmd version 7 (series), 8 (betas, and mikumiku moving no longer work if you try to get them even from the main source from what i keep reading is from a bad microsoft update . So im now stuck with mmd v 5. If anyone can help make me a lower  poly of zannon Id be very much appreciate that . My new updated model is to high poly so only runs in mmd v 7/8, and mmm without having parts of him going white because, no japanese local. So if anyone will help me please message me. If you need a ref my new art best gives you and idea of him.

reglisse-dahlia Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello everyone! I'm new in the UTAU community. My UtauLoids is Utane Ritsu , you can listen her here:…
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